ECOHOUSE TOUR! Sunday, April 18

“Tour the Ecology Center’s environmentally friendly demonstration site. Learn about a broad-spectrum of simple improvements that can be made to green an urban  home. The tour includes Berkeley’s first city-permitted wetland/greywater system, solar panels, on-demand and solar water heater, water saving fixtures, natural and recycled building materials, rainwater cistern and water catchment strategies, a living roof garden, organic permaculture gardening, native drought tolerant plants, mushroom cultivation, earthworks raingarden, and more.

Note: 10 am or 1 pm tours available

Donation based: everyone should bring a dollar!

Many of you have been asking what movies you can watch for field trip credit.

Blue Vinyl

Blue Vinyl is a documentary about PVC, a type of plastic and building material. You can watch this documentary in the Moffit Media Resource Center (Located in the basement). The call number you will ask for is:

“Blue Vinyl” VIDEO/C 9437

After watching the documentary, write a 2 paragraph reflection. The first paragraph may be summary. The second paragraph must be a personal reflection of the documentary. Email your response to

Other movies

There are a couple other movies you can watch, the assignment is exactly the same. Those movies are:

  • Maxed Out (Moffit media center call number is: DVD 7797)
  • Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices. (Available online!)